Who We Are?

Bako Kaya Sdn Bhd

Found in 2010, Bako Kaya Sdn Bhd is a recycling company in Kuching, Sarawak, managed by a team to clean our beloved city. We provide a venue for waste disposal, a service team to segment the materials and redirect the recycled materials to respective mills for reproduction.

As recycling awareness grew over the years, our services expanded to demolition services, selling or renting heavy machinery types, including attachments and usable spare parts, supplying steel products for construction projects, and refurbishing containers.

We believe recycling saves natural resources, energy, and the environment. It creates jobs to boost the economy. Join us to preserve and live in a clean city for our children and us.


We strive to provide excellent service for effective and efficient safe waste management by adopting the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle strategy to maximise materials’ lifespan.


Our goal is to sustain our city ecosystems to conserve our natural resources for a safe and healthier environment for our community and our future generations.