Additional Services

Renovation, Demolition, or Decommission

Whether it be a residential home renovation, commercial building or factory plant demolition, our dedicated and professional team can perform the job with the required equipment and minimise pollution.

Debris Management

Heavy-duty equipment, roll-on roll-off trucks, and various size recycle bins are available to collect waste quickly from the construction site, commercial area, or residential home and transport them to our facility to further process.

Heavy Machinery, Attachments, and Spare Parts

We owned various types of excavators to support construction, renovation and demolition projects and a variety of hydraulic attachments catering to different needs. New or reconditioned spare parts are also available for sale.

Steel Related Materials

We supply a wide range of ready steel/metal materials and customise bent steel bars/rods mainly for all types of construction projects.

Shipping Containers

We design and customise containers to suit your requirement so that operating your business in a uniquely refurbished and modified container can be a landmark or identity.